It’s Hard to Do SEO for Adult Website Rankings

Adult SEO

I’ve been working in the SEO industry for many years now but over the last couple of years myself and my team have begun to delve into the world of adult / escorting websites and have realised just how hard this industry is to successfully market within – I had never found ranking in Google so difficult before.

There are specialised companies out there who do focus on adult and escort seo alone although I am yet to try them out myself – Topple Media seem to know what they’re talking about, though.

The adult industry is definitely worth getting into – there’s lots of money to be made.

Why is Adult SEO so Hard?

The adult industry is extremely competitive and many of the sites on this ‘dark side’ of the internet are sometimes considered to be bad places to build links on the internet and so hopes of them helping your own adult site to rank better is always a doubt that lingers in many a marketers minds.

Despite these dark parts of the internet being a negative in some cases, it remains certain that the adult industry is extremely competitive when it comes to competing within the major search engines.

Here are a few reasons that adult SEO can provide difficult:

  • Too many dark parts of the internet are adult
  • Not many search experts want to get involved with it
  • It’s extremely dense with a vast amount of websites competing

The Benefits of Agency Experience

I once worked with an seo chester marketing agency who did have the knowledge within their vast team of experienced marketing professionals to know exactly what kind of strategy would be suitable for an adult website and then had the experience and prowess to be able to successfully execute it in a way that produced cracking results for our company – meaning good, solid rankings and more traffic.

What I learned from the team at Epic New Media was that you should view every website, every industry, every competitive avenue in search marketing as a number because numbers never win.

If a certain website is a number 8 in terms of their website, its content and their efforts in pushing, or promoting it, within the major search engines, then we would aim to be a 9 and take their efforts and better them. Easier said than done, of course, but it’s by no means impossible and that’s exactly the philosophy that the Chester SEO agency had – it was very refreshing after all of the failed meetings we had with search marketing agencies who were simply afraid of a competitive industry with a dark side.

Tips for Adult Websites with SEO

If you’re a company or individual and you’re considering launching an adult or escorting website, or similar, don’t be afraid. That’s the most important thing to remember – you’re competing against humans.

Research your competitors well and devise a strategy that can first match them before going on to better them. This isn’t hard to do as long as you sit down and brainstorm with your friend, colleague and other team members. Make sure you’re looking at link profiles and rankings in-depth, as well as on-site tactics including titles, interlinking, URL structures and content. Be strict with yourselves.

Good luck – not that you need it.